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We are a husband and wife owned and operated photography, videography, and graphic design business. We are located in Winter Garden, FL but spent many years in Fort Lauderdale, FL where we met. Travelling is a passion of ours (or was before we had kids!) and we are always ready for a trip when our clients need us, whether it be domestic or international! We also work with a team of trusted lead and associate photographers and videographers that represent our brand for large events and projects.


Tony is the creative force behind Cona Studios serving as the expert photographer / videographer / drone pilot / graphic designer extraordinaire! Growing up, Tony lived in seven states and went on to study at Clemson University. When Tony is not behind the camera, he can be found in front of the grill, on the ESPN app, or reciting movie quotes. He is also the biggest Star Wars nerd you will ever meet!


Jenn is behind the scenes of Cona Studios handling your client experience from beginning to end! She also proudly serves as President of the Central Florida Wedding Association. Jenn has lived in Mississippi, Grand Cayman, and all over Florida. Jenn’s background is in Hospitality with a degree from Florida State and she will always make you feel at home! When Jenn is not on the computer, she can be found chasing two toddlers, organizing, or doing yoga.

Thank you for stopping by and considering us!

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