New Brand. New Blog.

So here it is.

It was a long trip to get here but we've decided it was time to rebrand our business. Why?, you ask. There are quite a few reasons, though all pretty simple.

Rebranding our name.

Over the last ten years, our business, Laiacona Photography & Design, has grown more than we expected. We've been fortunate to have a lot of return clients, big name clients, and even one-time clients that not only love our work but refer us to others. Through all of these people, we've learned one thing... everyone has trouble pronouncing the name! When we started the business, it was just a side hustle and never thought it was important to have a "user-friendly" name. Now that we've grown, we thought it was about time we came up with a company name that is a little easier to say yet still keep to our name. So here we are. Launching Cona Studios.

It's all about timing.

We've been discussing the rebrand for quite some time now and really could't decide how or when to announce things. Then, the right time came about. 10 years. We've been in business for 10 years. What better time than that to announce the rebrand?!?!?! So as we celebrate ten years, we are proud of our new logo, website, and all around brand.

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